Leigh (Lezark) la Leigh.


Chanel is my crack. I’ve had a fascination with Chanel since I began my love affair with fashion, and I am fairly confident that I love my one Chanel piece more than any child I may have in the future. Therefore, I feel obliged to share this beautiful find with all those other poor souls afflicted with an addiction to Chanel.

Her name is Leigh Lezark, she is a DJ, model and brand ambassador for Chanel. Safe to say I envy her. Much like myself she is a big advocate of the classic LBD -lets be honest here, there is never a ‘new black’ its just black- making her style the essence of chic. I mean… would you just look at those light bulb shoes? They actually light up. And that Karl Lagerfeld doll… wow. Check out the rest on The Coveteur.


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