Erwin Olaf

Photo from Rain

Today I made an amazing discovery in the form of photographer, Erwin Olaf. Each of his photographs are aesthetically completely beautiful yet at the same time capture a really raw form of human emotion tangible to the viewer. I feel like the photographs show a massive contrast in their perfect, spotless, ultimately posed setup verses how they seemingly to steal moments where it feels like nobody is looking. Olaf captures expression that is not shown in the presence of others, in other words something entirely not posed. I think this is probably the reason behind why I find his photographs so intriguing and slightly eerie.  My favourites from his portfolio are probably Keyhole, Hope, and Grief. Here are some of my highlights.

hope_4 2385867076_d2dfa03fb1 64585D3E232A305003B3A43D542FD813D41D8CD9-1342459781

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