Burberry Prorsum – Honey Honey!

If you had told me that the Burberry Prorsum collection would feature leopard print and love hearts I would have asked you if it had been designed by a 13 year old girl, HOWEVER looking through collection myself I have fallen in love. I think the first thing that hit me was the colour palette of the collection, a yummy honey and gorgeous maroon or ox blood (rather to be happy to see that back again because ‘ox blood’ is half my bloody wardrobe.) Then when you look at each look individually you notice the little things, be it leopard spots or tiny love hearts. My favourite examples of this would be the in the skirt below which reminds me of those lovely photographs with a heart shaped lens filter. The other instance of that which I love would be the fur trench, which embraces both of the key patterns in the collection as at first glance it looks like a leopard print but the spots are in fact love hearts.

I also like the way Christopher Bailey plays with texture, fur, glossy, metallic, woollen all being mixed and matched in different ways without compromising the classic feminine shapes of the trenches or pencil skirts. This collection shows the wild side of the Burberry heritage and I think it’s great. Welcome to the jungle everybody.






00330h_426x639 00350h_426x639






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