Stave off the sadness.

EVERYONE, ITS OK TO LIKE A GIRL BAND NOW. Yes, of course we all like to secretly listen to ‘spice up your life’ when you’re doing to the hoovering or sing ‘survivor’ into a hairdryer just to get the wind tunnel effect. But now here is a current band consisting of some very cool women whom I can be publicly excited about. They are called The Staves. They are a relaxing bubble bath of musical greatness and I cannot stop listening to them. Here’s some background, they are a trio of sisters and a guitar all from Watford, England. The group appeared on the Tom Jones album Praise and Blame and currently have an amazing album out called Dead & Born & Grown. They’re the kind of thing you want to listen to if you are… I don’t know… about to lose your shit because someone ate your last muffin, or told you that your new hat makes you look like a Jewish Gandalf… you know, when you’re about truly explode.Well, this group is valium for your ears. So soothing, so calming with gorgeous lyrics. These are two of my favourites, enjoy.


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