Jason Wu NYC Fashion Week 2013

Jason Wu A/W 2013-2014 Photos from Vogue.com

And so the time as come again, for the fashionista elite to risk life, limb and Louboutins in the New York snow in the name of fashion week. Like many of us, I too have been perusing the collections so far and a current front runner for me was the Jason Wu show! Despite the complete shut down of New York transport and the post-apocolyptic blizzards that have descended on the city, the fashion elite tottered they’re way into the Jason Wu, thank god they made it.






For me, I thought this collection epitomises all I love about the fashion of the female New Yorker, 70% hard ass with a 30% flirty edge. The colour palette was kept strict and minimal so that we could focus on the amazing patterns and emphasise the juxtaposition between harsh and soft with white feminine pleated skirts teamed with harsh black leather jackets (one of my favourite looks by the way). Other things that excited me were the assurance that both peplums and statement trousers are here to stay (both of which feature heavily in my wardrobe so FEW. Dodged a financial bullet). Also check out Jason Wu’s sexed-up/x-ray take on the humble rain coat (above) with its floral pattern and suggestive translucency, practical clothes never looked to so sexy. I think the essence of this collection is badass sexy. Yes, there may be a bit of leg on show although you might not normally expect the white button up collars to get anyone hot and flustered but teamed with the light weight fabric skirts, the structured peplum emphasising feminine curves or the belts that sinch in at the waist … it just works.


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