Oh Marc….

Ever thought a soft drink could be sexy? Me neither, but Mr Jacobs has in fact succeeded. Marc Jacobs has been announced as the new face of diet coke for its 30th anniversary, designing limited edition cans and bottles for the coming year. Apparently we have designs ‘Inspired by the three decades, the chic designs capture the rise of female empowerment through the 80s, 90s, 00s, with a whimsical twist’ to look forward to. The announcement of this exciting venture is accompanied by a very exciting campaign aimed to expose his ‘youthful spirit’ (ahem or body). Mr Jacobs has said himself ‘Sex and Glamour sells anything’. Either way, we’re not complaining. I intend to get my hands on some of the gorgeous coke bottles… along with maybe a Marc Jacobs doll too … no idea why.

A Marc Jacobs South Park doll


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